First step towards a green portfolio

Position yourself for upcoming CSRD and taxonomy reporting by highlighting and documenting your portfolio's green qualities. Make data-driven decisions and work more efficiently with environmental follow-up.

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Our industry has created an environmental disaster.

 har skapt en miljøkatastrofe.

Although many have remained indifferent, some of us have always wanted to change the construction industry.

Now no one can look away anymore. Because something big is on its way.

A total upheaval of the construction industry.

Many will not be able to readjust quickly enough...

Because the environmental requirements are already here.

The road to a green portfolio is
shorter than you think

1. Get the status on your portfolio

Conduct a quick survey of the buildings in your portfolio to evaluate your current situation. Without involving advisors or the certification process.

2. We show you the way to Excellency

You decide the level of ambition for your portfolio. See what the path to the goal looks like, and make a plan to ensure that the measures are realised.

3. Obtain certification

Prove the sustainable qualities of your portfolio through environmental certification. Achieve greater building returns through green financing, higher willingness to pay and better reporting.

Start by mapping your portfolio

Take control of your portfolio's environmental performance and plan how you can achieve your environmental ambitions.

Our customers save
hundreds of hours

We know that environmental certification can be expensive and difficult. That's why we've collaborated with skilled property companies, contractors and consultants to create a tool that removes this friction.

Capture data and work faster every time

Automatic collection of experience, history and data allows you to make smarter choices and spend even less time on the next certification. Reuse documentation when recertifying and learn from previous projects.

Don't end up like the dinosaurs
Improve and prove sustainability in your portfolio now.

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